Rayman – Save Me lyrics

Written by Bossvibe

Rayman – Save Me lyrics

Whatever i said you know I mean it
Why do you cross me you don’t need it
I trust you, should have known you faking
If you the reason bottle’s empty, you should spin it
Pray my soul to keep ‘fore they take me (Ayy oh ayy)
‘Fore they take me I look up in the sky come save me
Somebody save me

Cover me in concrete
All these dirts, all my secrets
Till they take me imma be on my grind till i six feet
On the corner all day Serving fiends tryna get paid
All these pains and drugs got me fucked up I’m sicken

All these problems put it on my back
I carry the weight
I told my mamma, can’t work 9to5 shit
I cannot wait

Now food on my plate
You get mad I’m getting this cake
So many nights i pray
You shouldn’t have lied to my face

Angeli sokale gbami ewakomi yo (Anu morigba)
Koriko ale? kori koma gbemilo (Baba majekoya)

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