Reasons Why Many People Do Not Like Chelsea Fans

Reasons Why Many People Do Not Like Chelsea Fans

Reasons Why Many People Do Not Like Chelsea Fans

Chelsea is known as one of the most popular clubs in the EPL and Europe. The club’s consistency in the English League and European competitions has made it become a high-ranking team in the world of football. It can also be noticed that millions of football lovers support the London squad passionately but rival fans choose to hate them for some reason

1). Because they talk too much

Many Nigerian soccer fans who watch matches in viewing centers will agree with this point. Chelsea fans get noisy, especially when results from matches go in their favor, and this makes other people hate being part of them. They are also fond of bringing up baseless analysis to support their claims concerning the might of Chelsea.

2). Because of the way they celebrate

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Another thing about the blues supporters that makes others desist from liking the London team is that they take days to celebrate and brag about the victories of their team. This happens when Chelsea emerge victorious in a match against a top-four team or a big club from another league. It is normal for fans to be crazy about an important victory, but Chelsea fans sometimes incite malice and hate when they jubilate. grin

3). Jealousy

As it is typical for people to be jealous of others, so it is with football fans. Some people are jealous because the Blues are the only team in England that is doing well in Europe currently. Seeing that more joy is coming to the heart of Chelsea devotees and major things are not being won by teams they support pains them. This is a major reason why Chelsea followers are disliked

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