Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Sports Betting (Must Read)

Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Sports Betting (Must Read)

Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Sports Betting (Must Read)
Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Sports Betting (Must Read)

Merrybet, betpawa, betway, bet9ja, betking etc are some of the multifarious betting platforms that have proliferated Nigeria. It seems luring to youths as a quick way to wealth. Don’t be deceived.

I have been into sports betting since 2015. I can boldly state that the negative effects of the act supersedes it’s gain. do not let you love for sports (football in particular) lead you to engage in Betting, or continue the act

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below are some reasons why you need to avoid betting with your scarce resources….

it affects your sanity

punters have their sane reasoning altered. they barely have time for things that matters. Things like taking care of a loved one, their chores or personal hygiene. Whenever funds come in, all they are after is for bet shops to open, to enable them book games or play virtual games. you see them with bet slips up and down, glued to screens, viewing live scores for ‘eternity’.

when a bet slip is lost, you find them screaming and sober. they lose sleep. most times, depressed. many occasions, they vent their anger or frustrations on friends and family.

it can never give you permanent riches

it is a known fact that human wants are insatiable. the more you win, the more your desire for more. this is the trick they use in getting their money back, because the game is addictive. you use 20000 to get 50000. then you increase to maybe 70000 to win 140000. you rejoice for a while. then you decide to risk it all. probably 200000 to win 450000. then you lose it all.

at this stage, you have lost twice what you made. you begin to source for funds to ‘recover’. don’t be deceived further. betting proceeds is not assured for those who lack self control or moderation. I have seen someone lose 900000 naira on just one game. Money that he could have used for months. another bought a car from betting. he later sold it half the price to gamble. my case is not any better though. but I am getting wiser now.

it will make you lose focus

if you get absorbed in Betting, you will lose focus in life. different apprentice have abandoned their training because of betting. people have dropped out of school because of Betting. people have crumbled their personal businesses or that of family or friends due to betting.

when you earn 15000 a month and then you hear that you can win one million over night from betting, you lose focus in your job. or probably when you lose about 50000 naira to betting, you begin to find it pointless to work for a low fee. diligence is sacrificed for the imaginary profit of betting

it will get you into trouble

gamblers are liable to die Young, just like smokers. with gambling, you easily get into trouble that could lead to mob attack, lynching or arrest. this is because gamblers are desperate to feed their addictions. they seek ways to recover what they lost and also make life better. hence they dubiously use people’s money to bet

gamblers are always mischievous, not trustworthy and always in debt. so avoid gamblers and mingle with those that can impact your life positively

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