Romelu Lukaku Explained Why He Would Love To Work With Thomas Tuchel

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Romelu Lukaku Explained Why He Would Love To Work With Thomas Tuchel

Romelu Lukaku Explained Why He Would Love To Work With Thomas Tuchel

Romelu Lukaku explains why he is so eager to work with Thomas Tuchel and how his experience at Inter Milan and during his first appearance at Chelsea made him a full-fledged player to prove..”

The Blues were introduced to fans and the media at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday afternoon. A decade after his first appearance as a Chelsea player, when he arrived as a teenager from Anderlecht, Lukaku has become a much more experienced and versatile player.

Largely due to the fact that he led his team for Inter when they won their first Serie A title in 11 years last season. “It’s nice to come back here after having had success elsewhere, but it’s also a different style of play where it’s more technical AND more tactical,” Lukaku said.

“It was part of my plan to try to play in different leagues, so I experienced Serie A, the league I always wanted to play in at one stage of my career. There you face a different kind of pressure, but that’s good. As a player, this is a completely different game, very tactical, limited, in most games you only get one chance and if you don’t score it becomes very difficult. important for my efficiency, but it’s also important to play with the objective and tactical side of the game, which is really important, so it’s a good experience.

“The game in Italy is completely different: you have to run to the right or move correctly to get another free player, because we had a lot of ball possession, so most of the time and half of the time we played in opposition. side. returned to target and everything happened to me.So for me it was a real discovery, and once I got used to it, the game became easier to slow down, and he could have more control over the game and give more, more tectonic lines. turned Lukaku into the striker he is today.

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He also revealed that there are lessons he has learned from his time in England, especially working with Didier Drogba and the rest of our first team to win the Champions League at Chelsea in 2011. / 12 had a long-term impact on its development.

“I am one of the beginning young players and this experience is very useful for me for the rest of my career. in my career … there is a little bit of everything in the Premier League, so the experience I got before leaving was amazing, I loved every minute of it, on and off the pitch, I think the experience in Italy made me more complete as a player, but before that he lived in the Premier League for many years. After the Premier League over the past two years, the players have improved, the teams have improved, and I am ready to take on the challenge.

Amid his impressive performances for Inter and Belgium in recent years, he thinks people can see the bigger picture of the striker he has become, but agrees that some of those who will always treat him as a target will for his physical presence.

However, he is not interested in trying to prove them wrong and is focused on helping Chelsea succeed.“I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. The only thing that motivates me is myself. I’ve always been a self-motivator. Here’s what I thought when I came to Inter: this area where people see me as a type of player that I am not, I am more than what people see, so I think coming to Inter basically showed him something. what. I can do it, and so can I. Playing for Belgium shows everyone what I am capable of. Back to the wall is something I’ve had from a very young age, so it’s nothing new to me. And no matter what people say, I let them speak.

They have awareness, they don’t know me, but my speech always speaks for itself. Thomas Tuchel, who definitely sees the full value of Lukaku for the team, expressed his excitement that the 28-year-old will be on his blue team, and according to our new striker, the feeling is mutual, with the ability to play. Under Germany, this was one of the things that attracted Lukaku to return to Stamford Bridge.

Romelu added: “What I really like about him is that each game has its own game plan. “The training is always about getting the whole team ready for the weekend, and that’s what I love about it.”

“I told him in the first conversation that we had:“ I tried to understand what you are trying to do with the team, but nothing worked for me, because all games are different, ”and this is what I like because I Look at the game from a tactical point of view, I want to know what the team is doing and what it is.

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