See What Primary School Children Were Caught Doing (VIDEO)

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See What Primary School Children Were Caught Doing (VIDEO)

In a viral video that has been circulating online a group of primary school children (name of school not known for now) were being videoed by possibly a teacher or an elderly person, the children were gathered around in a circular order with one person (in the video it was a girl) in the middle, lying down with her back upwards, raising her butt and twerking, then another person

With all these, where is the future leading us to? We don’t have the discipline of our ancestors no more. Is technology doing us more harm than good? All these questions revolves around one’s mind when he/she thinks about the things going on at this present time.

See what primary school children were caught doing openly in school. I’ll post some of the screenshots below. Share your thoughts on these.

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