Senate passes bill to prevent extinction of donkeys

A bill seeking to prevent the extinction of donkeys has passed second reading at the senate.


The bill was passed on Tuesday despite disapproval by Enyinnaya Abaribe, senate minority leader, and Ajibola Basiru, spokesman of the senate and senator representing Osun central.


Citing a number of provisions in the constitution, Abaribe said the senate is not empowered to legislate on the matter going by the law.


The minority leader said the upper legislative chamber should not break the law for “residual matters” that are the responsibility of the state or local governments.

The Senate leader said the bill is seeking to ensure that donkeys are RANCHED in order to preserve them. Isn’t this evident enough that this is a “plan B” if RUGA doesn’t become a thing. The Senate president however has referred the bill to the committee on agricultural matters which is expected to report back in two weeks.

Nigeria is a country faced with a lot of problem at the moment and I must comment that donkeys are not the priority at the moment.

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