Should A Believer Join A Protest Against The Government

Should A Believer Join A Protest Against The Government

Should A Believer Join A Protest Against The Government

This question has been on my mind lately, I watch how things happen so fast and wonder if these things are actually in accordance with the person of Christ and what the Bible says.

It’s mind bugging that Nigeria is a very religious society but our practices outside these religious temples are quite the opposite what the books say. I can understand if a Muslims does certain things as they are not aware of the truth but it’s very baffling when those who claim to be follow Christ act certain ways.

Our mission as believers is to live out the person of Christ, take action as he would. We have to Bible for us to learn about his person, and the Holy Spirit to teach us his character so we do not deviate. Sadly enough, the person of Jesus is absent in our society. Our society realistically reflects the person of Satan.

This question should never even come to life but it has to because people are more easily influenced by others than focus on biblical information.

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Jesus shows us an exceptional character we must put up in the face of oppression. In fact, the apostles being led by the Holy Spirit continued this character by being obedient till death. The Bible has many apostles telling us that we must obey the government and explained that we must do so in reverence to God so that we might silent noise makers.

Sadly people do not care about Jesus whenever it’s time to lash out at the president or anyone in office, or engage in protest against lawful authority as contrary to biblical instructions. In fact, many religious leaders are in the habit of inciting the people against the government as a show of their spiritual identity. These things are all works of flesh according to Galatians 5:20.

Protest whether lawful or unlawful are a demonstration against lawful authority and it doesn’t in anyway represent Christ in us. While we may not endorse the behavior of people in office, it’s important that we see them as playing their part to help us actualize our destiny in Christ. Protest is a satanic nature and it should not be a part of a person who claims to follow Christ.

Written by: David A.O., author of the science of God and Life

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