Tension as cult war claims 3 lives in Anambra community

Tension as cult war claims 3 lives in Anambra community

Tension as cult war claims 3 lives in Anambra community
Tension as cult war claims 3 lives in Anambra community

Occupants of Amaokpala people group in Orumba North nearby government zone of Anambra state are as yet tallying loses following an ongoing ridiculous cult war that asserted existences of three indigenes and left others harmed.

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The three Amaokpala adolescents that were shot dead during the bleeding religion conflict that shook the network on May 16, 2020, incorporate Ifeanyi Nwafor, Chidozie Nwafor and Cyril Ogbonnaya Ozoemena.

Arrange Weekend assembled that strain stayed high in the network over ceaseless clique conflicts and inability to capture and indict the culprits of the wicked brutality in the territory.

Callistus Obunike Okonkwo, a vigilante part, who got away from death during the clique war, reviewed the occasion that nearly sent him to his initial graves.

“I was fired during a weapon duel that guaranteed three indigenes of Umudike town, Amaokpala, in Orumba North nearby government territory of Anambra state. Fortunately for me, I made due after numerous days in the medical clinic”.

Okonkwo said since the episode occurred, he has not had the option to fight for his family as he could scarcely walk, reviewing how the network helped counterbalance his doctor’s visit expenses at St. Michael the Archangel Hospital, Oko, from where he was released on May 20.

Portraying the episode to this correspondent, he stated: “I was eating with my family when I got a call from a partner asking that I went along with them at Lon Vinco Hostel, where I later discovered that speculated cultists murdered one Ifeanyi Nwafor, leaving him at the pool of his own blood.

“Before neighborhood vigilante went to the scene, the administrator of Amaokpala vigilante, Mr. Clifford Nwafor, had put a call to Oko Police Station. In this way, on our landing in the scene, individuals had abandoned the inn because of a paranoid fear of their lives.

“We looked and found the late Ifeanyi lying in one of the rooms in the lodging. He was later taken to medical clinic by the police when they showed up. The police requested that we closed the inn.

“It was in that procedure that the presumed posse, maybe, after a hint, returned to the scene in a V-Booth E-Class vehicle and started shooting at the vigilante individuals in the premises, firing inconsistently with complex guns suspected to be AK47 riffle.

“I was shot first before I fled as our nearby weapons were no match to theirs. Everything I could recollect after the occurrence was that I woke up to see myself in the emergency clinic, having swooned because of loss of much blood.

“It was after the irregular shooting that we discovered that two different people, Chidozie Nwafor (Cousin to Ifeanyi and just child of his folks) and one Cyril Ogbonnaya Ozoemena (a vigilante) were similarly ensured dead from slug wounds in a close by medical clinic”.

The three expired people in a funeral home

The 40-year-old Okonkwo, denounced absence of hardware and vehicle by the vigilante as contributory factor to the all out deterioration of the vigilante outfit, approaching government to give the required gear to assist them with releasing their work. He portrayed the advancement as humiliating, engaging for help to fight for his family, even as he got for equity to angle out the culprits.

Another resident, who argued obscurity, asserted that late Ifeanyi Nwafor was a presumed cultist, who, he stated, had issue with the escaping prime suspects, which would later deteriorate to his demise and that of other two people in the network.

The source, an understudy of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, said exercises of clique bunch was getting overflowing in the territory, accusing huge nearness of understudies and young people. She opined that equity ought to be done as an obstacle to different people who, as indicated by her, strength despite everything be enjoying cultism.

The 23-year-old additionally said the network was admiring the central security official and conventional leader of the land, HRH Igwe Cyprian Okeke, to utilize his office to see that equity is done and culprits uncovered.

Affirming the episode, the administrator of Amaokpala vigilante gathering, Mr. Clifford Nwafor, communicated stun over the occurrence, taking note of that such episode had never occurred in the network since his 15 years of rule.

Nwafor, who questioned the method of reasoning behind commitment in cultism by young people, lamented that such had cost other guiltless lives simultaneously. He revealed that not long after the occurrence, he was welcomed by the Enugwu Ukwu Anti-Cult Unit for an announcement, saying that there had not been any update from the unit since the episode happened mid-May.

Talking on the difficulties confronting the neighborhood vigilante outfit, the executive regretted that they had no hardware and no operational vehicle to play out their obligations steadily, censuring gross disregard of the nearby security outfit.

Hear him: “My sibling, I genuinely would prefer not to chat on the state of work here or our unpalatable encounters with the police in light of the fact that, on the off chance that one says reality, he would be witch-pursued. In any case, we have no utilitarian devices and our vigilante vehicle isn’t acceptable in any way.

“On the off chance that we had enough assets, we would have fought their second assault .

“What of the allowances we are given? It is not a huge deal. We utilize our own cash for coordinations at whatever point there is trouble call. Our pitiful payment ought to be expanded so we can battle for our families.

“We need government to sufficiently furnish us with vital coordinations and gear for us to perform ideally. Security is the most fundamental thing that a people need.

“Government ought to perceive and treat us simply the manner in which security staff are thought about in cutting edge nations. They ought to likewise sort out preparing for individuals from neighborhood vigilante for more effectiveness”.

Censuring the most recent clique assault at Amaokpala, the vigilante boss, approached guardians to alert their youngsters just as to screen their exercises, while encouraging different partners to constantly underline the threats of cultism and other related social ills.

At the point when our columnist visited the royal residence of the customary leader of Amaokpala, Igwe Cyprian Okechukwu Okeke (Udodimma 111 of Amaokpala), to get his responses, he affirmed the episode yet declined further remarks.


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