Texas in a big mess at the moment.

Texas in a big mess at the moment.

Texas have been without power for sometime now and we wonder how they’ve been coping.

The power crisis spurred by the massive winter storm currently hobbling Texas has also become a water crisis, with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses dealing with burst pipes or ordered to boil water, as water utilities suffer from frozen wells and treatment plants run on backup power.


It’s been hell for them these past few days and our thoughts are with them in this. Many have been without water too and gone to the extent of going out to fetch water.

Situation reports that power has started coming back gradually in some homes but there are still many homes without power.


The storm is much and while they’re struggling with that, they’re also struggling with food and water and we cannot but feel for them.

School have been postponed for the rest of the week. We feel for the kids, how will they be able to cope in this intense weather condition.


We just pray hope this all comes to an end so the people of Texas can go back to living a normal life


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