The Agony Of A Frustrated Arsenal Fan

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The Agony Of A Frustrated Arsenal Fan

The Agony Of A Frustrated Arsenal Fan

I’ve been an Arsenal fan since I knew what was called football. In my house, my father and I love the club to a fault. We’ve been faithful to the core though we enjoy watching good football from other clubs.

We loved Arsenal because of their passing football which we nicknamed “Arsenal pattern”. We had quality players like Thiery Henry who was nicknamed “IGWE”, Robert Pires, Gilberto Silva, Patrick Viera, Fabregas aka Fabrepass and so many of them couched by the Legendary Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal was a competitive team then and among the famed Big four clubs in England. We won the Premier League without losing a match, Won many Fa cups and reached the Champions league finals only to be beaten by Barcelona- Oh what a sad day!�

Well it has been a long time and things have changed. In fact it has changed from bad to worse and the club is living on past glory. To be sincere the decay started from the time of the professor, the club was complacent and didn’t want to build the team from scratch or buy quality players. Promising youngsters were sold and replaced with their subpar versions. We also bought pensioners to fill up sensitive positions.

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Well you know the outcome, a horrible performance on the pitch and lack of drive for trophies. It’s like a local bus driver who believes that his bus should always be making money for him and he doesn’t spend enough to put it in good shape. The vehicle will break down sometimes and all he has to do is complain. He does a little surface repairs just the keep the vehicle moving. The vehicle still moves but it’s not in top shape again and can’t compete with others.

Arsenal moved from a premier league competitor to a top 4 competitor which we always celebrated during the later stages of Wenger’s career. From there, we moved to Europa league competitors and still missed the target last season. Were in the Conference league and who knows, maybe we will be fighting relegation battles soon.

It’s a shame that players see Arsenal as a retirement club and come to collect their pensions while arsenal players jump ship to other clubs to have the taste of a real trophy. How come the transfer policy has been same all this while and nobody cares? Don’t they look at other clubs and emulate their success?

Imagine Chelsea of yesterday! Chelsea has 2 champions league and Europa trophies while we still boast of yesterday’s FA cup! Who do us this thing sef?� Imagine I can’t engage in football banters with my friends because I’m an Arsenal fan. Who give dog mouth when lions, tigers and leopards dey shout? In fact the word patience should be replaced with Arsenal but Arsenal dogs don’t end up eating the fastest bone, rather they eat biscuit bones.

What about the high blood pressure suffered by Arsenal fans? We are now called shock absorbers. My Baba don tire for the club sef and He once refused to subscribe for cable TV for some period because of high BP.

I’m really tired and something must be done. I may follow players like Henry, Fabregas, Chamberlain, Giroud and others to jump ship and have the test of trophies. Who no like better thing?

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