The Reason Why You Should Quit Gambling

The Reason Why You Should Quit Gambling

The Reason Why You Should Quit Gambling


I would just go straight to the point. The reason why you should stop playing gambling is that you would lose what you have gained.

I have seen a man lose 60k to gambling, and staked with his cell phone, and still lose it. Gambling is an addict.

If you are a woman and your husband is use to playing gambling, it is your work to tell his to quit or else, you both would lose everything.

If you are a man, and you have a fried who is a gambler, flee from him immediately before he infects you with it.

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Finally, in every disadvantages, there is always and advantage. If you happen to win a bed, use your winnings and stock up your house, buy good clothes, eat good foods, etc. If you decide to go back and win more as a result of greed, you would lose it and remain in your current state.

I hope I have advised someone today, and that person is going to make a change.
I know someone would say “if he wins, you would like to collect from him.”

Even if he wins, be it 2m or 5m, he would still go back and lose more.

Have you bothered to ask yourself if betting hadn’t existed, where you would be?
You can start making amendment by channeling your money into something that would bring a better profit, and not wasting your money away on bets.

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