The Way Out Of COVID-19! – By TB Joshua

The Way Out Of COVID-19! - By TB Joshua
The Way Out Of COVID-19! – By TB Joshua


QUESTION – TB Joshua, what would you be able to state about the issue of coronavirus? Why are pastors of God not appealing to God for coronavirus patients?

ANSWER – Coronavirus is an issue of the governments; its genuine sources have to do with botches in basic global research. Since their non-verbal communication is comprehended, we need to provide for Caesar what is Caesar’s (Matthew 22:21) – that is the situation of priests of God. In today’s world, warfare is no longer about physical weapons; this is one of the silent but devastating weapons of the contemporary world

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During my last address on 5th April 2020, I mentioned that this was an error in advanced technology. It is all about error. That nature is involved can be no excuse, as this has led to the deaths of many innocent people all over the world. It is an attack on the nature of God – the air. Thank God that nature is fighting back; nature is eliminating it in its own way. It is getting to its peak and is coming down. Naturally, it will go the way it came.

This is something the Bible says will occur at long last time – hazardous seasons when dread will administer the land. As I stated, I consider it to be a blunder in cutting edge innovation. In the closest future, anticipate this sort of mistake – in counter. Let us appeal to turn away this. Taking all things together, it is reaching a conclusion!

At long last, ‘hardship infection’s is more hazardous than coronavirus. The leaders of the countries should open up the economy. The more we delay in opening up the economy, the more we will confront a more terrible circumstance a short time later. Much obliged to you. This is a prophetic message for the world.


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