Things you should avoid if you want to become wealthy.

Being poor has a lot of disadvantages which majorly involves having a lot of factors dragging you backwards from getting rich. Most people are poor because of their decisions and their lifestyle.

Here are some factors that should be avoided If you want to be Wealthy.

1. Excuses: excuses are just planned strategies to procastinate, how hard the economy is, how small your economy is,the huge daily expenses and family challenges drawing you back.

2. Comfort: Comfort is the killer of dreams, being contented and comfortable with where you are and the little you earn will make you relax and relent from working towards a better life.

3. Fear: You keep asking a lot of fearful questions with answers that scare you away from propering. The fear of the unknown has destroyed you and kept you from getting to know what is on the other side. You are so fearful that you can’t even take risks.

4. You point the accusing finger : you are  always blaming people and never taking responsibility for anything,you blame everyone about things that is holding you down around you.

5. You don’t want to be taught: you are unteachable because you feel like you have know it all.

6. You spend more than your income.

7. You are always trying to impress other thereby you become broke.

8. You have a lot of liabilities in your life: a  liability will always drain you of your income without you getting a single profit from such expense. A liability can be a friend, a car etc.



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