Things you should never do if you crush on her.

1. Tell people you love her: Don’t even think about telling your friends about that crush you have for a lady until you ask her out and she accepts. Once you blow the trumpet about your feelings, everyone will probably hear about it including her which might make her uncomfortable and reduce your chances of making her yours.

2. Send notes/texts conveying your feeling: Why send notes and texts? Just be casual, If you really want her to be yours, you’ve got to man up and say it to her face.

3. Bother her about your feeling: This idea should never pop into your head. Bothering a girl about how much you care or feel for her will rather make you look,creepy,pesty and uncool. You are just trying to be a “pain in the ass” with such stories that touch the heart.

Research has it that girls get annoyed when guys do pester them with how they feel and thus your chances of getting her is being reduced in the process.

4. Treat her like she’s perfect: She shouldn’t be treated like she’s stupid but don’t act like she’s the only amazing person in the world either.

5. Send nudes: Hold up. Are you for real? Did you really think sending your nudes will make her fall for you? The crystal clear answer is a big NO! unless you are totally ‘ripped’ as a guy. Being muscular doesn’t even guarantee that she won’t expose you on social media.

6. Make her think you stopped talking to her: She will assume that you’ve lost interest and probably move on.

7. Touch her without permission: This shit makes them greatly insecure around you. A reminder here, you haven’t only touched her body parts only but also damaged her pride and Integrity.

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