Top 10 Gentle/humble Footballers Ranked

Top 10 Gentle/humble Footballers Ranked

Top 10 Gentle/humble Footballers Ranked

like we recently saw a thread on Nairaland “My Top 7 most aggressive footballers”,Here is my Top Ten humble/gentle Footballers

10- Ronaldinho- although he is no longer a force to recon with, he will be remembered for always wearing a smile. even after being brought down by a career threatening tackle.

9- xavi- legend of peace. avhumble midfield general with more accolades than any other active midfielder alive(fact)

8- carzola- the perfect footballer. he never complains always smiling and has a good team spirit.

7- Frank lampard- the legendary midfielder who is still very active and is known for separating fights.
he was by far the most humble Chelsea player of the past decade

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6- per metersaker- theGerman/Arsenal defender who is currently the captain of arsenal is know for his humility on and off the pitch. even when his team mates are being bullied, he keeps his cool and never rushes the referee

5) David dagea. -this is what you Get when you add performance to attitude. he is always cool headed

4)thiago silva- very unlike of a central defender. he retain his position as the best defender in the world because of his skills and good behaviour

3) Andreas iniesta . bundle of talent and a very gentle man. he focuses on his performance regardless of the referees performance.

2)mesut Ozil.-he remains one of the very few players with a zero red card portfolio. (except for the injustice in the villa incident). very quite player with passion for his religion. (he is currently breaking his fast as we speak)

1) Messi- A player with just 1 red Card in his wonderful career.he was sent off after 44 seconds in his First match for Argentina. he remain the best on the pitch and there is hardly ever any issue with him off the pitch.
when provoked, he simply responds by playing better.

bonus – Luca modric . For obvious reasons,he made this list.surrounded by hot headed team mates,he manages to keep his cool and just play the beautiful game.

PS. this is my list. feel free to comment and let me know yours.

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