Top 10 Worldwide Football Players -RANKED

Top 10 Worldwide Football Players -RANKED
Top 10 Worldwide Football Players -RANKED

The stellar performers of football are always hard to shortlist. In this article, check out the top 10 worldwide football players.
Football is a universal sport with players who have delivered stellar performances across the world and over various generations and eras. It gave birth to a new betting lines with its unfathomable possibilities and worldwide popularity.
Starting from the era of Pele and Maradona from our parents’ times to the age of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the current times, football has witnessed many hypnotic performers who have played extraordinarily.

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List of Top 10 Worldwide Football Players

The following list will try to do justice to the brilliance of football players according to their performance.
1. Lionel Messi
The six-times Ballon D’Or winner and Argentine football prodigy needs no introduction. He has single-handedly carried FC Barcelona to countless victories over the years. Messi has broken numerous records. His unique body feints and dribbling skills, coupled with his lethal vision as a midfielder, make him an absolute danger man that can break any form of defense down.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers of all time and an iconic star for young people. The five-time Ballon D’Or winner and Portuguese superstar are known for his sharp finishing and dribbling. He has scored tons of goals in his illustrious career, holding the record for the most goals in the Champions League, Real Madrid, and Portugal National Team history.

3. Diego Maradona
The name of the Argentine legend is known by almost every football fan around the world. The little football magician was known for his extreme dribbling ability. He was the architect who led Argentina towards its second World Cup in history.

4. Pele
Probably the most famous footballer of all time, Pele is Brazil’s most iconic legend and has the record for scoring the most goals in the world (over 1000). In addition, he has been the key player for leading Brazil to a record number of World Cup victories.

5. Zinedine Zidane
Zidane is one of the best midfielders of all time who has excellent technique and finesse. His ball control has been an exquisite treat to watch. He has been the key player to lead France to their 1998 World Cup victory.

6. Franz Beckenbauer
Dubbed as the best defender of all time, Franz Beckenbauer has been one of the key players of the German National Team who was part of the team that went on to win the World Cup in 1974. However, he is most known for his staunch leadership on the field.

7. Johan Cruyff
Cruyff is not only a legendary Dutch National Team and FC Barcelona player, but he is also a visionary manager. His unique dribbling skills and goal-scoring abilities earned him 3 Ballon d’Or.

8. David Beckham
Almost everyone has heard of the fantastic and stylish David Beckham, whose free-kick skills and long passes made him a dangerous man against every opponent. He has won numerous titles during his Manchester United and Real Madrid career and the English National Team.

9. Iker Casillas
The legendary Spanish and Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, is probably the best goalkeeper of all time. His ferocious goalkeeping skills not only made him a wall, but his tactical genius and iron-fist leadership made him the perfect captain for his side.

10. Paolo Maldini
The only other defender on our list is the legendary Italian center-back Paolo Maldini, who has been one of the principal architects of his side, A.C. Milan’s success in the Champions League in the last decade. However, his exceptional caliber in defending and his leadership skills rarely allowed even the best strikers through the Milan and Italian defense line.

Although we list out the players who stand out the most, the list of the greatest footballers is by no means exhaustive. Football continues to be an active factory of bringing out talents. We wait to see who the following legends in football will be in coming years

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