Want to make money?

The greatest risk is not taking a risk, How much are you willing to risk for a breakthrough? The thing is that most people work hard but they don’t work smartly. By working smartly, I mean putting money to work ,of course Rome wasn’t built in a day,It will take a lot of effort, processes and experience to put money to work even in your sleep.

The CEO of Amazon didn’t start on a platter of gold, He started on this small scale idea that he had, He took risks lost a lot of money, friends, his time and even his own comfort to get where he is today. Motivation is sincerely good but it is not enough to finish the journey to success, motivation is barely a step. Discipline and failure would keep you in track to achieving that goal.

I don’t necessarily need to tell you tons of business ideas and opportunity to make money. If you really want to make money,you just need to work on the faintest idea and work on it for massive success. Here are some tips needed to make make money;

1. Devote time to think out of the box.

2. Discover your passion and work greatly on your weaknesses.

3. Create time to gain experience, it’s not always about the pay.

4. Don’t blame the system rather outsmart the system.

5. Move closer and make plans with God daily.

6. Be prepared to fail more than a million times.

7. Be ready to sacrifice friendship, comfort and even time.











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