Watch Footage Of Lionel Messi As A Child Shows How Talented He Already Was

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Watch Footage Of Lionel Messi As A Child Shows How Talented He Already Was

Watch Footage Of Lionel Messi As A Child Shows How Talented He Already Was

Lionel Messi has been making a fool of the opposition for a long time and footage of him playing football as a child shows it was happening long before he signed for Barcelona.

Messi is in the conversation for the greatest footballer of all time, to some there is no doubt that he is number one, and he, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, have dominated football for well over a decade.

At 34-years-old, the Barcelona star might be closer to the end of his career than the beginning but he still scored 30 goals in La Liga last season.

Whilst there is some questions remaining about his future, there is no doubt about his past and it seems he’s been doing the same things for as long as 27 years!

Footage of Messi destroying the opposition at around seven-years-old has gone viral and it shows just how good he’s always been.

One Twitter user summed it up perfectly, saying, “Messi at 7 years old would probably have made 17 year old me look like a mug on the football pitch.”

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Another added, “I can assure you that this is not ordinary. This is some alien shit. Trust me.”

A third opined, “Messi was born to be the Greatest!! He was born to redefine greatness in football!!”

One tweeter joked that the six time Ballon d’Or had been pulling off his skills since before his birth, posting, “How someone possess this much talent will always baffle me, mf was doing drills in the womb.”

And one other certainly hit the nail on the head, saying, “This is one of the most unbelievable things I think I have ever seen, how can a child be that good.”

Plenty of other commenters were transfixed on the young Messi’s touch around the 11 second mark, as he brought the ball down in a manner befitting a professional footballer.

No one in the Ballon d’Or era has won more of the awards. Image: PA Images
Whilst some would regard the Argentina forward as the greatest player on earth, Marko Arnautovic recently claimed Messi was from a different planet.

The Barca captain has also recently been sticking to a promise to sign a fan’s back tattoo of the club’s all time top scorer.

A savage on the pitch since he was a kid, but he stays grounded enough to stick to his promises, what a player!

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