What is European super league


What is European superleague


European league is a special kind of league set out to be played by top elite clubs across Europe. It’s a league that’s purposed to be played by supposedly top elite clubs across Europe top teams from the five major leagues of the world(Italian league, premier league, Spanish league, French league and German league).


This superleague rumour didn’t start 2021, over the past 10 to 20 years there’s been plan on going to create a league for the top best clubs around the world.
Florentino Perez( real Madrid president), Championed this course back in 2009 where he supposedly was fed up with UEFA ways of doing things. An attempt to raise the point was silenced completely by UEFA back them but underneath things were still being put in place.


Now it’s visibly evident that they ain’t joking after all as they yet again through this issue into the atmosphere. Fans around the world have reacted to this this by raising a red flag to this implementation that it will kill the journey of the game.. (fans) going as far as creating banners condemning the act by the supposedly teams who have already given their support of the new league.

The top elite clubs to have joined in this league are. Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester city, Barcelona,real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, inter Milan, Liverpool, Athletico, Arsenal and Tottenham.


With UEFA threatening that the player and teams involved could be stopped totally from playing in their respective leagues and engaging in champions league if they should go on with the plan…


The football world is gradually changing….

Stay stunned more update on this concept are still incoming.

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