Why Man City will Disgrace Chelsea This Weekend

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Why Man City will Disgrace Chelsea This Weekend

Why Man City will Disgrace Chelsea This Weekend

Chelsea has showed why they are one of the best in the world not only because of their recent glory they attained in winning the champions league but beating its league champions three times in a row.One may come with the conclusion that Chelsea can beat man city “anytime, anyday” but that will be an understatement of just how good city is.

Man city have one the league three times in four years and their manager pep is known as one of the best to ever coach the game. Although, the game will definitely be tight. But this is a beautiful and true reason Chelsea may smell pepper this weekend.

1. PEP HAS SPENT THE ENTIRE PRESEASON HOLIDAYS THINKING ABOUT CHELSEA . Pep guardiola is known to be an obsessive manager tinkering about the little details and one of the best tactician. He will watch, rewatch, prewatch even post watch every clip and try and spot the problems in three of the games they lost.

2. MAN CITY WILL WANT TO SAVE THIER REPUTATION. Yes there is no club that doesn’t respect man city even Chelsea. If Chelsea defeat man city it will send a shockwave in the entire league that man city is just “one team that can easily be beaten” affecting the psychology of the players in the process.

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3. GREALISH FACTOR. Jack grealish is man city most dangerous player. He hasn’t really settled yet and Chelsea will be a good game to do just that. Chelsea tend to play a high line and committing many men in the midfield. One of guardiola principles is to make the pitch “very big when attacking and very small when defending”. So to make that happen they tend to play out wide often. Tuchel knows that. That is why he’s 3-4-3 formation with Reece James and apziliqueta in midfield forces sterling and mahrez backward which will in turn diminish man city tapin goals. Grealish is unpredictable and can run at defenders still holding the ball.

Chelsea are undefeated this season and have only chipped one goal which is a very impressive record. They have the meanest defense. But Liverpool and Tottenham ( first half) has shown how to beat Chelsea. Just press them very high since they build up from the back. Chelsea hasn’t felt the loosing feeling yet. Man city has. And there is no better team to rain goals their net that mancity. Also, Chelsea now seem to be over reliant on lukaku (although they are still dangerous from everywhere). But man city is a ” decentralized team”. Any body can score.
If Chelsea still beats man city. There is no doubt that tuchel has consulted baba in the bush. Shit can happen. This is football. But if man city score first, prepare for a rollercoaster. Remember the 6-0.

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