Why Ronaldo Might Trend More Than Messi

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Why Ronaldo Might Trend More Than Messi

Why Ronaldo Might Trend More Than Messi

Am not a fan of both but I give fact and speak the truth .
We have so many amazing players to has play the game the likes of harzard, okocha,figo, IBRA,Beckham and so amazing talents people u see don’t play with records even in athletics u can see a good runner who finish top but his main focus is records in which Cristiano ronaldo hold an edge over messi.

Because the younger generation coming up will believe in records not how good u are , give ronaldinho 30 years time no body will even remembered he play football we will only remember him as a pass baloon dor or winner the likes of van basten we don’t kW what he did but will remember his as a. Baloon do or winner.

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As for ronaldo when the younger generation keep asking who have the most champion leagues goals, international goals, most Madrid goals, Portugal all time scorer, top scorers in 3 most recognize league, top scorers at the euro he will be seen in their eyes as the goat.

Because records speaks the number of dribbles or chances created won’t be on the arguments then because the most important thing in football is at the back of the net, while we still regard Pele as the greatest is the number of goals he scored and trophies no body is talking about dribbles again. Messi will only be remember for winning 6 balloon do or but Cristiano Ronaldo would be seen up there with Pele and romario.

Messi would be seen as d greatest ever barca player but ronaldo will be seen as a multi winner with different teams he is already been voted as the greatest player in Epl


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