Yoruba nation isn’t the solution- Wole soyinka

The professor who is a social media commentator explained why a United Nigeria is  better option than a separation.

Soyinka criticised the way the buhari’s administration is reacting to the calls from secessionist agitators.

Soyinka said:


“I don’t like the sound of a Yoruba Nation anymore than I like the sound of a Tiv nation or an Igbo nation. The reason is this: there are certain pejorative overtones, chauvinistic overtones attached to it. That’s not the issue.”


He called for the country to jettison the current constitution, which he said was imposed by the military.


Soyinka calls for a government of national unity


Soyinka stated that the best way to solve the country’s problem is for President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute a government of national unity.


According to him, this becomes necessary because the majority of Nigerians don’t trust the government. He said only this way will the government earn the trust of the people.


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